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Anglicans have rightly been referred to as the people of the book, that is people of the Book of Common Prayer. Our spiritual heritage and our common ground with other Anglicans is rooted in our common prayer and our common liturgies contained in the BCP.

100th Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, noted in his lecture “The Anglican Spirit” that it is the BCP that distinguishes us Anglicans from other continental, reformation¬†movements.

It is important to notice that while other churches on the Continent with Reformation roots also had their sets of articles, the Anglican Settlement as now defined had not only a confession, a set of articles, but also a Prayer Book. It is this foundation that was, and remains, so very characteristic of the Anglican paradosis (that which is delivered over by teaching or tradition, the substance of teaching). And it is true to say that while there are churches in Christendom where, when you ask, “Now tell us what you stand for?” they will say, “Well here are our articles, that is what we stand for,” it has always been characteristic of Anglicans to reply, “Yes, here are our articles, but here is our Prayer Book as well – come and pray with us, come and worship with us, and that is how you will understand what we stand for.”¬†

Michael Ramsey, The Anglican Spirit, p. 17-18.



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