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Some more good one’s from Rodenmayer’s compilation:

-338- Before Preaching
O Lord, Who on the mount didst preach to Thy
disciples, enable me, I pray Thee, rightly to deliver
Thy message to Thy people. Open their
ears, that they may hear the words which belong
unto eternal life. Enlighten my mind and
grant me simplicity of utterance. Deliver me
from the fear of man, and from all self-seeking, pride and vain-glory. O living Word of God,
speak In me and speak by me, to Thy Father’s
glory, and the salvation and sanctification of Thy

-339- Before Preaching God’s Word
o Lord, I humbly place myself before you, for
you have made me what I am, and have called
me to do what I am trying to do. I have no
words to say that have any worth, except those
that you give me to say. Help me to hear you!
words, enable me to speak your words, and help
this people to hear them, that the Living Word
of Christ may be truly spoken, really heard, and
actually grafted in our hearts.

-340- Before Preaching a Sermon
O God, our Father, who hast called sinful men
to speak forth the saving truth of thy holy Gospel,
help me now, I beseech thee, to be a faithful
messenger to the people thou hast committed
to my charge; give me honest conviction clear
speech, and a pure intention, to thy great’ glory
and the salvation of souls; through Jesus Christ
our Lord.


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“I think it’s dark and it looks like rain,” you said
“And the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world,” you said
“And it’s so cold it’s like the cold if you were dead,” and then you smiled for a second.

“I think I’m old and I’m feeling the pain,” you said,
“And it’s all running out like it’s the end of the world,” you said
“And it’s so cold it’s like the cold if you were dead,” and then you smiled for a second.

Sometimes you make me feel like I’m living at the edge of the world, like I’m living at the edge of the world.
“It’s just the way I smile,” you said

– Robert James Smith

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These little treasures were taken from The Pastor’s Prayerbook, selected and arranged by Robert N. Rodenmayer (OUP, 1960).

– 149 – Before Preparing A Sermon
O God the Holy Ghost, Who enlightenest the minds of Thy children; send down upon me I pray Thee, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, to lead me into all truth, that I may so feed the flock committed to me with the words of eternal life, as with them, to attain unto that place where, with the Father and the Son,  Thou livest and reignest ever, One God, world Without end.

-150 – On Writing Sermons

O Thou in whom peace abides from age to age give me now a quiet mind and a listening heart that the word which thou wouldest speak in this church thou mayest make known to me, and the will which thou wouldest reveal to thy people here thou mayest lodge in my soul this day and for evermore; through Jesus Christ our

-151- Before Pastoral Visiting
Grant, 0 Lord, I pray, that this day I may go forth as Thy messenger. Quicken my sympathy and understanding. Give me Thy comfort for the sick and sorrowful, Thy cheer for the glad, Thy love for the lonely, Thy riches for the poor, Thy peace for the anxious. Make me friendly, patient, courageous and wise. So use me, I pray, as to turn many to righteousness; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Lord, you know my weakness;
be my strength.

You know my ignorance,
be my wisdom.

Teach me,
that I may not be a blind leader of the blind,
but a scribe well instructed about the kingdom of God.

Oh, let not the people see me;
let them see you in your vesture dipped in blood!

Let not the people hear me;
let them hear you in your voice of saving truth!

Bishop Daniel A. Payne

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A narcissistically oriented leader begins his transformation to limping leader when he tastes God’s invitation to mourn his past and present betrayals, to release the mistaken idea that this is the only place he will find comfort and rest. Also, the limping leader does not steel himself against connection and care; he risks involvement with others, because he has learned the value of kindness. And a heart that has received even a dollop of kindness knows gratitude.

–from Allender’s Leading With A Limp, page 107

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